Burn Ban Lifted

BJ Stiefvater


Burn Ban Lifted Sept 7 2021

The burn Ban has been lifted For McCook County.
Keep in mind when burning:

Please contact myself or your local Fire Chief to let them know you intend to burn. We can alert dispatch, so any calls generated by it will be handled appropriately.

Take into consideration, the weather conditions, winds, Humidity, location of burn, what’s next to or downwind from the burn, the duration of time it might take and the equipment they need to have to help keep it controlled. They need to be present and continually monitor the fire until it is out. Simply lighting a fire and leaving is not a “Controlled Burn”, you need to be prepared and present to control it.

When a person conducts an open burn, they assume all liabilities for any property damage or impacts to public health that result from an open burn.
South Dakota Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Under the air quality rules (ARSD 74:36:06:07) The state of South Dakota prohibits the open burning of materials that generate hazardous air pollutants. These materials include oils, railroad ties, coated electrical wire, rubber, tires, tarpaper, asphalt shingles and wood products treated with inorganic arsenicals, pentacholorophenol, or creosols.

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