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It typically takes 30 days for flood insurance to take effect.

Flooding can be an emotionally and financially devastating event. Without flood insurance, most residents have to pay out of pocket or take out loans to repair and replace damaged items. With flood insurance, you’re able to recover faster and more fully.


Do You Need Flood Insurance?

Here are some important facts to keep in mind:

  • FACT: Homeowners and renters insurance does not typically cover flood damage.

  • FACT: More than 20 percent of flood claims come from properties outside high-risk flood zones.

  • FACT: Flood insurance can pay regardless of whether or not there is a Presidential Disaster Declaration.

  • FACT: Disaster assistance comes in two forms: a U.S. Small Business Administration loan, which must be paid back with interest, or a FEMA disaster grant, which is about $5,000 on average per household. By comparison, the average flood insurance claim payment over the past 5 years was about $69,000.

It’s easy to see that having flood insurance provides important recovery help.

How Can I Buy Flood Insurnace


FEMA Flood Map Service Center

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